Here’s what a few Strands customers had to say:

“Anita they are just gorgeous!! You have quite a talent! We are excited to get them out on display.”  (Strands wholesale customer)
Lori W.

“Thank you so much for your exceptional efforts to provide a quality product! Of the various web sites I found offering eyeglass necklaces/chains, yours was by far the best ... in fact, I only purchased from you, Anita. Thanks so much.”
Anne K.

“The eyeglass necklace was nicer than I expected – well designed!”
Theresa M.

“The necklaces were exactly what we wanted and your service was superb!”
Gary A.

“My mother uses eyeglass chains all the time and I am always looking for a nice one and never really like them. I also needed a gift for someone that really has everything she wants. Yours where [sic] beautiful and she really loved it.”
Laura V.

“The necklace is beautiful; your service was great. Thank you.”
June H.

“This was a gift for my wife...she loves it...everything is perfect...”
Kevin S.

“I've actually been meaning to send you an e-mail! First of all the necklace was JUST as we expected...my mom LOVED it! It was great! Secondly...I couldn't have asked for better customer service...I can't even remember the last time I had customer service that was that terrific...it was very refreshing. The personal touch you added was a lovely surprise.”
Deanna S.

“I received my silver eyeglass chain today. It is beautiful, even better than I expected. Thanks so much for the prompt service. I will definitely buy from you again!”
Barbara D.

“I was very pleased with the necklace that I purchased for my glasses. The quality and workmanship was excellent.”
Penny R.

“It is beautiful, shipment was quick. You are doing a great job!”
Suzanne G.

“Thanks for the prompt delivery. They are drop dead gorgeous. I especially like the pearls, but today I've been wearing the other one. They fit spectacularly- just the right length.”
Jane M.

“I love love love the necklace. I searched high and wide to get away from the grandma bead type. I wanted something simple and classic and silver. The way I described what I was looking for was if Tiffany's did an eye glass necklace--this is what it would look like. I have received many compliments on the necklace and have directed them your way. I don't get why more eye wear stores don't carry this kind of product.”
Kathleen H.

“Eventually I came upon your site and was immediately impressed by the artistic style and professional-looking workmanship, just what I wanted for wearing at work. Not only is it a practical item, but it also has the style of quality jewelry. Very impressed!”
Mardean B.

“Just wanted to let you know I received the turquoise necklace and it's beautiful!! You did a wonderful job. Keep up the creative good work.”
Diane P.

“It was beautiful! Everything was perfect. I was very happy with the product, delivery time and special personal touches.”
Elizabeth S.

“My girlfriend LOVES the necklace. She designs and makes her own jewelry, so she's very particular about what she likes and doesn't like. She really likes it and has received many compliments on it. Your customer service is great. You shipped the necklace quickly, which saved me the cost of having to send it Express. Thanks again!”
Mark Z.

“Just wanted to tell you I love the new ones you sent. Your work is wonderful.”
Diane P. (repeat customer)

“I just love the eyeglass necklace. Everything was just perfect.”
Linda D.

“I received the chain yesterday. It's beautiful! I love it. I really like the scrolled beads and the quality.”
Peggy E.

“Love my necklace thanks!!!”
Joan M.

“I love the silver glasses necklace! It is beautifully made and actually more than I expected! Often I have found that internet photos seem nicer than the actual product and this was not the case with yours, thank you for that. Your website was easy to use and your service was efficient.”
Wendy D.

“I love my eyeglass necklace. I use it all the time. I will be purchasing more soon.”
Linda C.

“Anita, you are amazing...these are gorgeous!”
Diane P.(repeat customer)