About the Artist

~ Strands creates artisan jewelry made of semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal, glass, leather and metal in classic designs with a twist of modern.~

About the Artist & Owner

I’m a self-taught jewelry designer who's been creating beaded jewelry for many years. 

My interest in beads started in my preteen years when my friend, Ellen*, and I bought beads at a wonderful bead store called Omnibus in the Oakland neighbor of Pittsburgh, PA. We strung them into what we thought were works of art.  As I got older I developed other interests and the beads were pushed aside and forgotten. 

Many years later a business trip took me across the country to a different Oakland, Oakland CA, where I admired a street vendor’s beaded creations.  My passion was reignited and with my “can do” attitude I resumed the craft and have been creating jewelry since then.  

I’m attracted to all the design possibilities offered by the colors, sizes, shapes & textures of various beads. (So many beads; so little time!)  My favorite creations tend to be lively and colorful, but I also like simple, clean, minimalist designs in which only a few beads make a statement.

I continually refine my techniques and have developed the knowledge, skill and quality of workmanship that comes only from years of experience. I know which techniques work and which don't work. 

* I now live in Milwaukee and Ellen lives in Southern California. Sometimes we meet in Tucson for the world famous Gem & Mineral Show held there every February. 

~ Anita Nagurka, Owner