• ~ Strands creates artisan jewelry made of semi-precious stones, pearls, crystal, glass, leather and metal in classic designs with a twist of modern.~

    About the Artist & Owner

    I’m a self-taught jewelry designer who's been creating beaded jewelry for many years. 

    My interest in beads started in my pre-teen years when my friend, Ellen*, and I bought beads at a wonderful bead store called Omnibus in the Oakland neighbor of Pittsburgh, PA. We strung them into what we thought were works of art.  As I got older I developed other interests and the beads were pushed aside and forgotten. 

    But a business trip across the country to a different Oakland, (Oakland CA), in which I admired a street vendor’s beaded creations, reignited my passion.  With my “I can do that!” attitude I resumed the craft and have been creating jewelry since then.  

    I’m attracted to all the design possibilities offered by the colors, sizes, shapes & textures of various beads. (So many beads; so little time!)  My favorite creations tend to be lively and colorful, but I also like simple, clean, minimalist designs in which only a few beads make a statement.

    I continually refine my techniques and have developed the knowledge, skill and quality of workmanship that comes only from years of experience. I know which techniques work and which don't work. 

    * I now live in Milwaukee and Ellen lives in Seattle. Sometimes we meet in Tucson for the world famous Gem & Mineral Show held there every February. 

    ~ Anita Nagurka, Owner

  • Strands Jewelry to Participate Again in Silent Auction for KidShare, JCC Milwaukee's Annual Fundraiser

    Strands has donated two pairs of earrings to this year's big JCC fundraiser, KidShare.  Be the high bidder and take them home with you!

    Left: Sparkly Swarovski crystal cubes hang from darkened brass chain in this unusual pairing.

    Right: Denim-y iolite chips top off translucent faceted blue quartz beads. Soft blues.


    Strands Jewelry Appears on Rizzoli & Isles

    These "Geometric Pewter & Gold Earrings" were chosen by the stylist for Rizzoli & Isles and worn by the Kiki character played by Christina Chang in Season 6 Episode 17 (entitled "Bomb Voyage").  The show aired on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

    Geometric Pewter & Gold Earrings as worn by Kiki character (played by Christina Change) on Rizzoli & Isles     

    Strands Jewelry Appears on The Vampire Diaries

    In association with The Artisan Group I submitted this necklace to the stylists for The Vampire Diaries for possible use on the show. The necklace was selected and was used on the Bonnie character in Season 7 Episode 11, (entitled "What We Lost in the Fire"), which aired on Friday, February 5, 2016.


    Thank you to Valerie Guerrero, founder of The Artisan Group, for creating opportunities like this to reach out to celebrities and TV stylists for product placement and promotion. 

    Strands Invited to Join Handmade at Amazon

    I'm excited to get an invitation to sell on Handmade at Amazon.  According to Amazon, it's a new store on Amazon.com for invited artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers worldwide.  Wow.  "Hundreds of millions."  Strandsjewelry.com will not go away.  It just means I'll have an additional storefront to manage.  Pricing will be consistent.

    Strands Jewelry to Participate in Silent Auction for KidShare, JCC Milwaukee's Annual Fundraiser

    Stunning, modern, minimalist earrings were up for bid at the silent auction portion of the Jewish Community Center Milwaukee's annual fundraiser, KidShareon Thursday, May 14, 2015.

    Cool sterling "ribbon" hoops contrast with warm gold-filled accents.  Like little kinetic sculptures, the hoops spin easily around the pins, so when you move, they move.

    Bid often!  Bid high!  SOLD!


    Proud member of The Artisan Group.